PrestaShop Review

November 11, 2015

Welcome to our Prestashop Review.  Ecommerce has taken over several offline businesses. The impact it made on the business scene is humungous. Anyone is eligible to open an ecommerce store on the web with no restriction at all. Selling online has always been a great experience for services. Consumers feel it comfortable doing purchases online too. Ecommerce stores are most efficient systems, thanks largely to the banking solutions improvised on this decade. A variety of internet payment processors, mostly legit, has been new entrants to the market as well. If you have been wondering, what’s the simplest way to build an ecommerce store online; you would want to check out PrestaShop.  Check out our Prestashop Review below and see what Prestashop is all about.

What’s PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an ecommerce store builder package, which can be used as plain code as well as decoded. Downloading and installing PrestaShop from your hosting account builds your ecommerce store in minutes. Once you setup a theme that suites your store and a suitable payment system, your store will be good to go.

Core Features:

  • Catalog management helps you manage a variety of simple or complex listings effectively.
  • You can set a fixed number of results to show in a single page controlled from back office.
  • Cross selling features help show, related product or service in every listing.
  • All digitally downloadable products can be listed, not limited to movies and software alone.
  • Unlimited categories, products and attributes can be saved in to your database.
  • Comparing two products is possible with a variety of available choices.
  • Sales channels tracking third party listings such as Amazon or eBay can be created.
  • Layered navigation enables visitors to navigate through categories from any page on site.

Advantages you should not overlook:

The first and foremost advantage would be PrestaShop is completely free. It requires no charge for any additional module. This open source ecommerce package comes in a real light weight version. The installation package comes to around only 20 MB. It’s simple to use, even for beginners with limited digital literacy. The script’s architecture makes it fast and efficient. The search engine friendly feature of the script is a huge plus. Also because PrestaShop is open source, the code is accessible to optimize to your exact needs.  We hope this Prestashop Review helped you understand more about Prestashop and made you ready to get your hands on it.