WordPress Review

November 18, 2015

Welcome to our WordPress Review.  If you haven’t come across the word “Wordpress” at all, it’s understandable you never got involved in blogging or website administration that much. It is an open source content management script that helps develop your website. The company has stated their mission as “democratize publishing one website” every single moment. If you think what the big deal about WordPress is and why you must bother using it, here is your answer, More than 20% of the millions of sites on the web have been empowered by WordPress for years. Their company has launched their website by the year 2005 and has been helping millions of webmasters since then. Let’s look at every aspect of this CMS script in detail.  Check our our WordPress Review below and see what kind of ways you can use WordPress.

Features and Perks:

Everything under the sun is possible with WordPress. Any website you imagine is a real possibility. Let’s look into the coolest features to realize the gravity of the situation.

  • First and foremost, WordPress is free. There is no charge required unless you want some out of the world perks.
  • Integrating every social media channel can be done so effortlessly. From YouTube to Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, every site is covered.
  • Tracking site analytics can be done to an extreme level. The analytic data can be easily accessible, thanks largely to WordPress team.
  • Customized design is a real prospect. Creating and reading mobile apps is easy and a mobile version of site is readily made.

Commercial scene:

WordPress is entirely free and requires not a dime. There are tons of plugins and themes available for taking, which are free as well. Some perks in form of advanced plugins or outrageous themes can cost a bit. It can be purchased from a third party vendor or you can create one yourself too. You can hire professionals for additional help around WordPress in regards to additional plugins, themes and features.

Two ways to put your WordPress Version to use:

  • You can have a hosted version of WordPress from their website. It’s not necessary to get a hosting account or web domain to do this. The domain name is followed with a “.wordpress.com” part of URL.
  • The other way to get WordPress would be to install WordPress on your own domain name. You need a hosting space to do it, where you unzip the WordPress bundle downloaded for free from their site. Alternatively programs like Fantastico De Lux or Softaculous can help install WordPress in one click from hosting c-panel.


  • There is tons of thousands of plugins to put up with several features like pop ups, SEO support, video decks etc.
  • Help and support is placed at optimal level. You can interact within WordPress forums to get help on any trouble you have.
  • The script is neat with easy install and uninstalls options. There’s preview for every theme and plugin. SEO friendly plugins are just awesome in WordPress.


  • Some third party plugins can be faulty and contain a lot of errors. Taking backups every now and then is hence vital.
  • Branding potential can come down a little lower, since it’s a WordPress site. Nevertheless, it isn’t a problem unless you are a corporate.

Final Verdict:

WordPress is for everyone.  Though it comes with a very few limitations, the available features outweigh them. WordPress has been providing a universal solution, thereby helping to build any sort of website. Nevertheless, some genre of websites needs dedicated script and design for safety, desired effect and other factors. Bottom-line is WordPress is a great CMS system to try out as well as it’s a great script for a long run too.  We hope you found this WordPress Review useful.